AEC Marketing: How To Do It The Right Way

AEC marketing

Most of the time, a marketing strategy can be used over and over again on different types of businesses, although there are always an exception to every rule, just like an AEC marketing. AEC, which stands for architecture, engineering or construction firms, requires a special form of marketing. These kinds of businesses do not fit into a “one size fits all” kind of a marketing strategy because of three obvious reasons – long sales cycle, a diverse line of clientele and huge amount in price tags.

Traditionally, business growth with these kinds of businesses relied heavily on repeat business, relationships and most importantly, a good reputation. Never have they relied heavily on marketing strategies. However, in this digital age, the AEC sector is beginning to embrace the power of technology to propel them towards the next century.

Here are some pointers on how to perform the AEC proper marketing.

Begin with a business strategy.

A business strategy definitely exists at the top most level of AEC firms but does not reach every department of the business. Most often than not, a marketing strategy for similar firms is just a list of business goals, nothing more, that are scheduled to be performed and accomplished before the year ends. Nevertheless, it is not really a plan. A business strategy means setting up achievable goals and will also include steps on how to achieve the goal.

Embrace the concept of marketing through content.

Would be buyers are also relying heavily on the internet to find answers to their questions. Nowadays, it is not about as simple as letting the prospective customers know what your products and services are. People are also weighing in the knowledge and information the business can provide. Interaction is important nowadays. An AEC firm can interact with their prospective clients through forums. Prospects airs their questions and concerns, the business provides answers.

Use every possible outlet to reach prospects, website, social media, webcasting or web conference and more.

Create a blog and regularly update it.

In AEC marketing, a blog can be a powerful tool and if one can update it on a regular basis, more audience will definitely join the crowd, which are all prospective clients.

Again, content will be playing an important role here. Remember to educate the firm’s audience with related topics such as current trends and technology available in the industry and regulatory changes. Do not post just news, but AEC news. It is also a place to establish how knowledgeable the firm is.

Start a blog today if the firm does not have one yet.

Let the firm be felt on the mobile platform

A good marketing strategy will also include the mobile platform. Nowadays, surfing the internet is not limited to laptops and desktops anymore. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets has revolutionized marketing strategies. Optimizing a website or a blog site should not be limited to the traditional means. Make sure that prospects and existing clients will be able to reach your firm through their smartphones and tablets.

These are just a few ways for AEC firms to market their products and services in this digital age.